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The Morenish ospreys 2018

The Morenish nesting tree blew down in a gale in 2015. In 2018 the ospreys occupied their former nest on the pine tree on the eastern point of Morenish Bay where they raised 2 chicks. The chicks were ringed on 26th July 2018 by wildlife artist Keith Brockie (www.keithbrockie.co.uk).

The dead nesting tree, and another living Scots pine on the ridge, blew down in a storm on 9th January 2015.  But the ospreys returned.  They rebuilt a nest on the surviving stump of the fallen nesting tree and laid a clutch of three eggs but sadly no chicks were reared.  Either the eggs succumbed to the unseasonally cold spring or the chicks to predators able to access the new low nest.

In 2016 the ospreys therefore returned to their former nest on the pine tree on the eastern point of Morenish Bay.  A total of 3 eggs were laid.  The ospreys could occasionally be seen from Morenish Mews and on 6th August 3 ospreys were seen, including at least one chick.

In the winter of 2016-2017 the nest in the pine tree on the point seems to have blown away and in 2017 the ospreys have returned to the Morenish area and are frequently visible perched on trees, including the broken tree stump last used in 2015.  They are not, however, using that as a nest.

Although they have been seen taking nest-building material onto the top of a living larch tree, both birds can be seen airborne at the same time, suggesting that no eggs have been laid.